Friday, July 16, 2010

South Dakota Vacation Day 6

First of all, thank you so much for your nice comments on my vacation posts and photos! You are all too sweet!

This is the last post for our vacation so I tried to squeeze in everything. There are a ton of photos, so brace yourselves!

We spent the last few days of our vacation at Custer State Park which is known for its buffalo that roam around the park. We saw this big bull just driving around!

I also really loved the State Game Lodge. Props to my husband who booked a room for us! I could have easily stayed the entire vacation here. I loved the history and the feel of the lodge. It was the summer
whitehouse for president Calvin Coolidge and his family. How fun would that be?

We wanted to take a tour of the park so we got in on one of the buffalo safaris.

We cruised around in these old Jeep Wagoneers. Scott loved it because his first car was a Jeep Wagoneer. Wasn't he crazy to get rid of it? They were so cool. He said they were really popular in South Dakota because they were the first SUV and lots of people used them for hunting, which is also really popular in South Dakota.

We saw tons of bison but my favorite were the calves. They were so cute how they had to follow their mommy everywhere.

At the end of the safari, we stopped for a chuckwagon dinner. It was good food, but the wind had picked up and we were freezing!! We listened to some tunes, but headed out soon after we were done eating.

It was cooler so I put jeans and jacket on Michael before we went out but I forgot his socks. I could just feel all the older adults (from a tour bus) giving me bad looks because my baby didn't have socks on! :o(

The next morning we took a little hike around the park and ran into these two dudes on our path.

We were so close! I was pretty scared!

We also saw this guy walking around:

Nah, just kidding. We saw him at Bear Country USA which we swung through on the way home.

We also saw baby bears and lots of big grizzly bears!

We had a great time on our South Dakota Vacation 2010!

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  1. loved the photo collage of your family in hats!
    Oh, and btw we were home last weekend and Lance saw the flyer for the Woodbury County Fair and said ... "does Rose have a cousin who is the fair queen?" I thought you would enjoy that tidbit!


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