Saturday, February 21, 2015

5 Months (and a photo dump)

The girls turned 5 months old on February 10th! Wow! Time is absolutely flying. Flying, flying, flying. 

Anna and Brynn are just the cutest and most precious babies. They are really starting to be interested in the world around them and are getting pretty good at using their hands. They can reach and grab things pretty successfully which is neat! They are turning into busy little babies and it is fun to watch them grow. 

A smile from Brynn- tongue out and everything!

A sweet smile from Anna! 

I love the way babies start to get so chubby around this age. I want to know who took my baby and replaced her with this pretty little girl? I wish I could say that we are starting to see glimpses of how they will look when they are older but then I remember how Michael was so cute and chubby cheeked at that age and now he looks so different. 

I got these cute little vests at Carters and they are just so adorable. Bonus...they are excellent at hiding drool! 

Silly big brother! Michael is so funny when I am taking photos of the girls...he always wants to jump in, too. I think it is cute and I'm glad he understands that hey, this is my family and I'm a part of it too! 

Saturday is jammie day at our house. Poor Michael will only have photos of him in his pj's from his childhood. :o( He also made a cool laser gun out guess it, an old box. Who needs toys? 

We are really enjoying having everyone healthy at our house. The above two photos are from when the girls were still feeling under the weather on a day I stayed home with them earlier in the month. They were just so miserable it was heartbreaking. It was so hard making it through those few weeks but now everything seems so much is important not to lose perspective that yes, while you are in the thick of things it seems bad but after it is over it is no big deal. 

We might be out growing our swings! Noooo!!! 

That's it for me- thanks for letting me dump all my photos here. I'm trying to take "real" photos with my camera on the weekends. No matter how good I think my iphone photos look, my camera ones are always so much better. Time is fleeting and I am trying my best to try and capture it! 

Have a great weekend! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I have been feeling very sorry for myself lately and then just gave myself an extra guilt trip for not doing more for the kids for Valentine's Day. No cute crafts or shirts or extra special outings. No handmade valentines. I was proud of myself for actually leaving school in a timely fashion on Thursday to run Michael to Walmart to let him pick out his Valentines for his class before getting home to the girls. I even let him write his name on all of them himself. I thought I was doing good until I started doing the age old self destructing comparison game. It never fails. And you know? Now I am totally over it. It is amazing what a good night's sleep and a fun night with your family can do. I am doing just fine and don't need to compare myself to anyone for self affirmation. 

I did, however, get the girls all gussied up a few weeks ago to get photos taken for their Valentine's Day cards. I've tried to send out photo cards for the past few years to our family and I think it is a neat tradition, at least while kids are little and so cute. I ordered them through shutterfly and they came just in the knick of time to get them sent out at the end of this week. I hope everyone enjoyed getting them as much as I loved sending them! I had these cutie-patootie outfits from a friend and they had been too big for a while- and luckily they started fitting right at Valentine's Day so it all worked out well! 

Here are a few photos from our little session: 


You can tell in this photo she was just starting to get sick- which later hurled us into a two week illness battle. Girls are better now and hopefully I will touch on it later but it is funny how I didn't see that in this photo until now. 


Silly girls! 

Catching flies. 

...and we can't forget about big brother! Looking handsome, as always. 

I hope you have a great holiday spending time with the ones you love! 

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