Monday, February 28, 2011

What we've been up to: iphone edition

Here's what we've been up to....or at least what we've been up to according to my iphone photo gallery!

Eating fruit for breakfast:

"Helping" mom get ready in the morning in our undershirt and socks:

Playing at the play area:

Taking naps in the car after playing:

Having fun at the library:

Michael has had a fever since yesterday so we've been laying low around here while trying to get some rest. We were all up early and ready to go to church yesterday but when I got Michael out of bed, he was burning up. We all curled up in the basement and watched a movie and that's when I knew Michael wasn't feeling good because he curled up on my lap and fell asleep while I was holding him!! He never usually sits still for a minute! We're hoping he feels a lot better today so we can keep on trucking with the rest of our week.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday at the Park

Our warm weather from last week sure didn't last very long into this week. We are back into the 30's with some snow last night. However, on Wednesday it was around 38-40 and it felt pretty good with the sun shining so Michael and I headed out for a little bit.

I recently flipped through a copy of "Happiest Toddler on the Block" at the bookstore (I'm waiting for mine to come in at the library, because I am a cheapskate like that) and it said that most toddlers are either overstimulated or understimulated in the house because most toddlers are used to being outside for hours a day. They are like little cavemen or as I like to describe Michael- a monkey boy. This was nice to read because it gave me a little push to try and get Michael outside more especially now that the weather is taking a turn for the better.

We played for about 30 minutes at the playground and Michael had so much fun and I had lots of fun trying to get some good photos of him. We had the place to ourselves but it would be a great spot to meet up with some moms sometime for a little playtime!

"Oh, I am such a big boy!"

Michael's puffy blue coat is getting a little small for him so it's a good thing winter is almost over. I bought it last summer at a really nice garage sale and the mom who sold it to me was almost in tears. She said it was just the cutest for little boys and they had so many memories in it. I understand where she is coming from!

I'm sure we'll have many more fun times at the park this spring and summer but for now I've enjoyed looking at these photos. How can my baby look so big and still so little at the same time?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coffee Talk

Let's have a little coffee chat. I am actually drinking coffee right now as Michael is climbing all over our living room furniture and watching PBS kids. I wish I had a donut with my coffee but I am really trying to watch what I eat as I hate seeing the scale go up each appointment at the doctor's office.

I've been having a good week so far for eating healthy. I had a great spinach salad at lunch on Monday (from Cafe Milo in Ames- one of my favorite places) and it was so good that I've had salads both Monday night and Tuesday.

I feel like I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping you updated about this pregnancy. I am 27 weeks and I am still feeling pretty good minus some lower back pain. It helps if I wear shoes all the time and if I get some walking in every day. On Monday we had inservice at school and we were sitting on hard chairs all, I paid for that yesterday. I do a lot of stretching, baths, and laying on a heating a pad and it seems to help.

I just went back into my blog archives (something I really like about my blog when I wonder what I was doing at this time last year or two years ago) and it was at 26 weeks with Michael when my doctor first said my blood pressure was getting high. At my last appointment they said it was perfect and so I hope it stays that way. It would be nice to not have to be worried about having to go on bed rest or anything. I really need to make it all the way to May 17 for my kids at school!!

It's been a busy week so far but hopefully things slow down today. I keep thinking that I am only going to be working two days a week but somehow it keeps turning into more than that! We are headed to the library this morning and then to HyVee for some lunch and groceries. Hopefully Michael and I will both have a nice nap and then we'll head to the park for some playing and walking. My idea of a perfect day! :o)

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Future Cyclones

This past weekend our friends Ryan and Anne treated us to an ISU women's basketball game and we had a ton of fun. They have awesome seats and it is so fun to go to Hilton Coliseum.

Their daughter is just a week younger than Michael (she was supposed to be older, but was born a week late!) and Anne is due to have another baby just a few weeks before we are. How is that for timing? Hopefully they'll give us a heads up before they go for #3....wowzers. :o)

At halftime we visited "Johnny's" which is a special area for fans where you can get beer and treats. They had mini hot dogs and scotch-a-roos! Yum.
It was funny to see the different fans there-I saw a few friends' parents, the athletic director and the president of the university. Small world! Michael had fun stretching his legs for a little bit although he wasn't quite as cute as Maggie in her squeeky shoes. Adorable!

We had a great time, thanks Ryan and Anne!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy Bathtime

Align CenterIt's no secret to anyone who knows Michael that he is a busy boy! He is always go-go-going and this quality continues right up to bath time.

He has been a little congested and goober-ry this weekend so we took an extra long bath while Scott was playing hockey last night. He is always so cute and I always think I should take photos and this time I actually grabbed my camera at bath time!

Don't nudity!

I'm pretty sure all bathrooms have bad lighting unless you have a window. Do most bathrooms have a window? Only our master bath does. I edited these and some turned out pretty cool. I love Michael's chubby arms, it is a little reminder that he is still my baby boy although he is growing fast.

Michael loves to splash, play in the faucet water, and dump water out of containers. He also goes, "Ooooo.....OOOO...ooooOOO" when he is having fun, hence the funny faces in all of these photos!

He is such a busy boy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A walk in the park!

A record temperature of 68 degrees was met yesterday here in Des Moines!!

I had to work later in the morning, but Michael and I got up and at it early so we could get in a nice long walk at our favorite park. It was probably 50 degrees at 9:30 in the morning and it felt warmer to me because it was so humid with all the melting snow.

It was gorgeous out and lots of golfers thought so too- we saw lots of them!

Michael was really good in the stroller and I got in a nice two mile walk. It is a lot of work! I have zero recollection of ever walking or exercising when I was pregnant with Michael so I am hoping a little bit of exercise will help me feel better in the long run. It also just plain felt good to get out of the house for a little bit!

Michael was feeling so happy that he had to give a little clap!

We were all dressed and ready to go to school and daycare until I let Michael out of his stroller and then he got muddy!! I suppose I should probably get used to it, huh?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Water park fun!

On Valentine's Day, we got up bright and early to meet my parents at their hotel to do some swimming!

Michael had a blast. He was in the water for two hours straight! He took a few breaks to get warmed up, but he was go-go-going pretty much the entire time. He loved the little ship slide because he could climb the stairs and go down backwards. He loved walking around the baby pool and checking out all the kids. He loved floating in his turtle floatie and he loved the fountains!

It was a hit, for sure! We were sure thankful for the opportunity to do something outside of our normal routine, especially on these long winter days. Thanks to my dad for the idea! :o)

Michael was such a big boy!

After lunch at Perkins (which involved chocolate chip pancakes...bad idea for Michael!) we came home and Michael and I both took epic naps. I think 3 1/2 hours for Michael? When dad came home he brought surprises for us!

Scott brought Michael a bouqet of balloons ("boons!") since every time we've gone to the store Michael has really wanted to play with them. They were a great surprise!

Also, let these photos be an indicator to you why I don't usually take photos in my house after dark...yowzers.

After Michael went to bed, Scott and I had a great dinner of take out Thai food and some chocolate! It was a great night and day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, you say?

We don't have too much on the docket for Valentine's day today except celebrating with my parents at the indoor water park in town!! Yay! :o) We are headed out in a little bit and we are very excited.

I actually got my Valentine's sent in the mail early this year. It was tricky with the weekend in the middle, so I actually had to plan a bit earlier than usual. sent me a code for 10 free photo cards so I jumped on the opportunity to make Valentine's.

I really, really love these cards and I hope people aren't sick of receiving my darling son's face in their mailbox every month or so. Actually the next big mailing I do will probably be....birth announcements? Eek.

I hope you all have a fantastic day filled with your loved ones!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Blueberries have been getting better lately. I think maybe because they are from Chile and they are in season down there? I could also been getting that information from a tv commercial.

I had my groceries sitting on the kitchen floor and Michael reached right in and grabbed the little box of blueberries and said, "Berries!".

He is a fan, but I am not a fan of changing diapers after eating an entire box of blueberries in one day. Wowzers. I hope at least he got his fill of antioxidants!

Michael has also really been liking deli meat from HyVee. I am beyond happy to serve him some other protein besides hot dogs! If hot dogs even count as protein....

Attacked by the camera monster!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daddy's New Digs

Scott has recently moved into a new office!

His boss has been working hard on this project for YEARS. He originally bought a house on the lot next to their current office for the property. The poor house was in bad shape, and Scott's boss really wanted us to move into it. Which tells you how long ago that was....I think it was before we were married! They finally bulldozed the house this summer and have been working on the building since fall.

Everyone moved in a couple weeks ago and I finally got to visit a few days ago when everything was all finished. I was blown away! I think it is really beautiful and Scott's boss did a great job.

The best part of the office is the super sweet breakroom in the back. They have a dishwasher!!

Up front they have a beverage station for customers (and wives-ha!) with a Keurig coffee maker and beverage fridge underneath. They have a coffee dealer who visits their office and brings them lots of yummy coffees. She can get them at a big discount so I need to get Scott my list so I can stock up too!

They also have a new conference room which they did not have in their old office. I think this is great for meetings or when they have customers come in with their families. Plus, how great do those chairs look?

I think my favorite part of the whole office is the tile. I love it! It should be a lot easier to keep clean and maintain over the years than their old carpet.

The office is huge! The guys' individual offices are off to the side.

The main entry area is a two stories high and really nice. It gives it a nice feel when you walk in. I am so proud of Scott working for such a great office that gets to work in a beautiful space. He is a hard worker and I am proud of him!

Thanks for coming on a little virtual tour with me!
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