Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July!

Last night at our municipal band concert we played all patriotic music so now I am in the celebrating mood!

I love our Thursday night concerts at the bandshell. It is such a throwback to an earlier and simpler time. Every year there are two moments where I never fail to tear up and last night was one of them.

Every fourth of July concert we play the "Armed Forces Salute" and if you have ever played in a band in your life, chances are you have played it. It is a standard. Anyway, it goes through all the songs of the different branches of the Armed Forces and when the veterans in the audience hear their song they stand and everyone claps for them. It always tears me up to see those old guys standing up and looking so proud. Everyone always claps along with the marches and is having a good time.

Cheesey, I know. But it does it to me every time and this is the 7th season I've played!

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Veterans, thank you for your service and happy 4th of July everyone!

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