Thursday, July 8, 2010

More flower photos...I know, I know. I really like the way the coloring on this day lily came through in the photo. It has been a pretty good bloomer for me this year and it was recently divided. I love love love the different colors or lilies, I think I will try and plant some more next summer. Who doesn't love lots of color for minimal work?

In other news, we are missing our childcare this week! I have Michael all to myself for the whole week and although I love having him home all day, it really has made the week drag on. Even though it is only a few hours he is at childcare, I love that time!

We are keeping busy with library time, pool time, and playgroup time! We also had two special visitors over last night for dinner: my brother John and his new friend. Although I promised him steak to celebrate his birthday and we ended up with brats, I think everyone had a good time. As a special treat after dinner TWO of John's favorite movies were on HBO: Fast and Furious and X-Men:Wolverine. What can make a birthday celebration better than that?

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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