Thursday, July 15, 2010

South Dakota Vacation Day 5

Day five of our trip started out with a trip through the Black Hills to one of our nation's greatest: Mouth Rushmore!

It was a beautiful morning and there were tons of people out sight seeing. It was sooo funny to see all the different tourists that came to visit. I could have sat and people-watched for hours. We kept running into these bus loads of older adults and it seemed like they had a little uniform: visor, sensible walking shoes, enormous sunglasses, camera and binoculars. Bonus points awarded to the couples who were dressed alike to boot! :o) It looked like they were having a great time and I can't wait until I can get in on some of those tour groups-they always go on neat trips!

Someone was nice enough to take our photo. I probably should have cropped that lady out, whoops!

The sky was such a beautiful blue with no clouds at all. I love it!

After Mount Rushmore we headed to the Crazy Horse Memorial since we were in that neck of the woods. I actually enjoyed the experience at Crazy Horse much more than Mount Rushmore. We watched a video about the sculptor and how tedious it was carving the mountain and how they have been offered government funds lots of times to finish it but they think it should be a monument for the people, paid for by the people who come there.

When finished it will be way huger than Mount Rushmore. In fact, all four heads from Mount Rushmore would fit inside Crazy Horse's head. I had no idea!

After Crazy Horse, we headed towards Custer State Park. On the way we stopped at Sylvan Lake, which was seen in the film National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

We had fun hiking around the lake and even met up with some boy scouts who knew all the cool places to go like between big boulders!

We spent the night at the State Game Lodge in Custer State Park. It was beautiful!

Michael entertained himself for hours with the mirror on the wardrobe. He kept trying to eat the little face in the mirror! He would bang and bang on it and then laugh and yell.

Scott took me out for a nice dinner at the restaurant at the State Game lodge where we split a bottle of wine and I had a buffalo fillet! It was to die for!


  1. I'm loving all your vacation photos Rose! Looks like you had a great time! So beautiful!

  2. awesome photos -- i've never seen a sky that blue! enjoy the rest of your trip.


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