Monday, November 30, 2015

Ordinary Days

These photos aren't anything much but I thought I'd share them with you today! I've been trying to keep my camera handy on weekends so I can snap a few photos here and there just so I have some record of these crazy times. The girls are so cute just doing anything (even eating breakfast!) and I just love it. They are learning something new every day and we refer to them as our little monkeys! 

Silly faces, sippy cups, messy ponies, cheerios and fuzzy jammies. If this isn't motherhood, I'm not sure what is! 

The girls looked like little bandits with their cute drooly bibs on. We had a (rather lengthy) episode of teething/colds which forced me to go downstairs and pull out all my drooly baby bibs from their bins where I safely tucked away forever. Or so I thought. :o) You'd think I'd learn a thing or two about parenting one of these days. 

Double trouble. Wrecking crew. Peter Pan and his shadow. 

The girls were getting restless and so I showed them how they could see dad mowing the lawn in circles from the window. The stood at that window and squealed every time he drove by and it was the cutest! I feel like this big picture window is a part of our family- so many memories of Michael playing in the exact same spot as a kid. It is funny how it is just a part of our house but has become an iconic part of our lives. 

That's it for me! 

(hopefully you enjoyed seeing how nice it was just a few weeks ago...mowing the lawn in November? In a tshirt? Crazy times). 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Insta Update

Hi friends, here's some insta updates for you! I've been trying to update my instagram daily but lots of times it is just me drinking coffee at school because that is what I spend a lot of my days doing! I recently downloaded the "time hop" app and I love seeing my updates from one, two or more years ago! 

The girls came down with hand, foot and mouth in October. They were very crabby and down for several days but we didn't realize they were so sick until they started getting the spots. Luckily it landed while our daycare was on leave so they could be at home with family to care for them. Luckily they are finally feeling back to themselves! It is a terrible sickness!

The nice fall weather is so kind to my landscaping! Beautiful! I love this time of year! I always try and convince myself all the planting is worth it in May when it will be at its most beautiful in October. 

When the girls were home sick we took advantage of the nice weather and took off for the park after picking Michael up from school. It was a perfect fall afternoon and I think the fresh air was good for the girls! 

The girls and I have been sneaking out of the house on weekend afternoons for a long walk around the park. I have been really enjoying it! Sometimes the house seems a little busy, loud and crazy with all five of us home on the weekend so I think it is good for us to get out and give the boys a quiet house. 

I also made it to another Cyclone football game this fall-one where we beat the big 12 giant Texas! It was a shut out game and really fun. I'm glad I got to enjoy it with friends and my husband. 

My organized bag! Don't worry, it was all disheveled again just a few days later. 

More weekend walks at the park!

I also celebrated my 33rd birthday this November and wore my favorite buzz lightyear shirt- to 33 and beyond! :o) I got these fun tanks at Hot Topic and I think they are so neat to wear to school to show my disney side in a more subtle way. Scott took me out to a movie (on a school night!) and we saw the new James Bond movie at Flix brewhouse. I also treated myself to some new Bath and Body Works goodies (the store is right by the theater) and we enjoyed a nice night out. 

Michael and I had last Friday off of school because of teacher conferences. Normally this has been my day to myself but I was more than happy to share it with my favorite guy this year. We started our morning by getting pancakes and coffee at a local cafe, then browsed Toys R Us for a good hour (looking for things to add to our Santa list of course) and then spending a good chunk of time at the Science Center. We went right when it opened and enjoyed the place to ourselves for quite a while. We also saw an IMAX movie which was a little intense! I had fun on my day date with my boy and I think he had a good time too. 

I have the hugest list of organizing tasks that need to be done but it is hard when little ones are always around. I need to just buckle down and do them instead of just postponing them because it makes things so much more functional and is a free way to improve a space. I cleared out our entire hallway closet (it was so full we couldn't even open the doors), cleaned everything, found new homes for some things and then put everything back. It is so refreshing now to open the doors and put our coats and shoes away! All it took was a few hours! 

I love this photo of Michael and I from 5 years ago and then now when we are posed almost the same way (with the addition of the girls). Time is fleeting! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fall Fun

Hi friends, I'm back with the rest of my fall photos! I think I will try and squeeze in an insta update here in the future as well. We enjoyed the fall weather so much this year. I had planned to take Michael to the big orchard/pumpkin patch but he ended up going on a school field trip and had a really fun time so we tabled our family trip until next year. I wasn't sure how we could navigate it with a stroller and we didn't want to get a sitter, etc hopefully in the future! So we had some fun of our own at home and at the local pumpkin patch that is sweet and simple. 

I bought some delicious honey crisp apples from the grocery store and we had fun using my "peeler robot" to peel them for an apple pie. Michael was such a good helper! We also enjoyed apple cider and donuts that I also bought at the store (just like at the pumpkin patch!). 

Even Brynn joined in on the fun after waking up from her nap early! 

We ran up to the pumpkin patch one beautiful night after school. I had looked up their hours and it said they closed at 5 but it was such a beautiful night I wasn't sure how that could be true. So we packed everyone up right at 5 and hustled up there anyway. Sure enough, the lady was still out and she let us take our time picking some pumpkins. We love the patch south of Madrid! 

The girls thought riding in the wagon was so much fun and Michael and I enjoyed finding some good looking pumpkins in the field. I love it so much because you can just go and get your pumpkins- sure there are no fancy activities for the kids but isn't picking out pumpkins fun on its own? I think so! 

We carved our pumpkins right before Halloween and Michael wanted his like the minecraft pumpkins. Mine is the bigger one and Michael told me how to carve it so it looked like an enderman (??). He wanted the classic jack o lantern look on his. I was happy how they turned out! Anna and Brynn weren't sure what to think when we turned out the lights and showed them the pumpkins all lit up. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a great Halloween this year- low key and laid back but with good times spent as a family. The girls were fun to dress up as black kitties with their little ears and black outfits. It was my mom's idea and it was perfect for babies that still need to ride in a carseat or a stroller! 

Brynn above, Anna below 

The girls will clap their hands when we say "yay!" and it is the cutest thing ever! I also love how you can see their little teeth in these photos- Brynn has two and Anna just has one.

Michael was an Indominus Rex (in a t.rex costume) for Halloween. He saw the Jurassic World movie up until the scary parts and really liked it. Unfortunately the actual Indominus Rex costumes were sold out nationwide so the T. Rex had to do a stand in job. It was a pretty scary costume!

We took the kids to Night Eyes at the Blank Park Zoo the weekend before Halloween and had a really nice time as a family. We hadn't gone since the fall that Trace died because Michael usually went with daycare. He wanted to go this year so we gave it a whirl. I employed my Disney World strategy of arriving when it opened and although we had to really hustle to get there on time we were rewarded with short lines and beautiful weather. I liked going in the late afternoon so we could see the fall foliage but still experiencing the darkness as we were leaving. It was a really nice time and I hope we can make time for it again next fall! Everyone loved how the girls matched and it was a beautiful evening. 

I still have one more round of fall photos to post- hopefully I'll get them up while it is still fall! Thanks for stopping by! 

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