Friday, July 30, 2010

My husband is crazy

My husband has been riding his bike across the state of Iowa for the past five days.

He's crazy!

This is the second year he has done the whole week of RAGBRAI (here's the link to last year's post) and from his daily texts and phone calls, I think he is having a great time. What could be more fun? It is pretty much a party on wheels.

I dropped him off at the start of the ride and then my dad and I met up with him in one of the stop through towns the next morning for breakfast. It was awesome! I was having so much I almost wanted to hop on a bike myself. Then I remembered I haven't trained or even rode a bike since two years ago when I rode a few days on RAGBRAI.

We got into town at 7:30 to meet Scott and crew after about 20 miles in. Lots of people were already arriving.

Scott's friend Adam, his brother Steve, sister in law Julie, and Scott all rode together.

Michael wants some of the action!

We had belgian waffles for breakfast. Michael was a fan. They even had whipped cream to put on top. Yum.

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