Friday, July 9, 2010

South Dakota Vacation Day 1

This summer we took a trip to South Dakota. We had been planning on taking one for a while and I'm glad we went!

The first day was our big driving day. We spent about 10 hours in the car which is not as bad as it sounds. We had to stop a few times and Michael was such a good little sleeper that it was actually enjoyable for me! I even got to sit in the front seat!

One of our big stops was at Al's Oasis in Chamberlain. Scott had been talking about this place ever since we started planning for our trip so I was pretty excited to stop!

It is a huge restaurant/gift shop area. We had buffalo burgers and I had some of South Dakota's classic five cent coffee. I'll let you in on a little secret: it tastes like lukewarm coffee-flavored water. But hey, you can't complain too much when it is 5 cents!

I'm glad we stopped in Chamberlain since Scott and his friends used to head over to the river there to boat in the summer time. It is also a big dividing line in the landscape of South Dakota-it totally changes after you go over the Missouri!

Our next big stop was at the can't miss stop on your Americana road trip: Wall Drug!

I had been here in high school on a trip with my brother and grandparents and I am happy to say it is exactly the same! We got into town pretty late and we had the place to ourselves. It was nice!


More 5 cent coffee at Wall Drug. You actually just have to put your nickel in a little box by the coffee pot. I didn't have a nickel so I put in a quarter in. So technically I should have been entitled to 5 cups of water-coffee.

Yum...donuts. These are the best ever!

I actually shared mine with Michael since technically I was supposed to be eating healthy on this vacation. Still, so so good.


Scott wanted to eat dinner at Wall Drug so he could get a hot beef sandwich. He was pretty excited!

(I think that should be it for food photos in this post...hmm, I wonder what I was thinking about the entire vacation??)

We spent the night at a hotel in Wall and the next morning we were ready to hit the Badlands!

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