Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break 2015

We had a great spring break this year! While I didn't go anywhere exciting, it was still fun in its own right and so I felt like I needed to document it just for myself. It ended up being one of the nicest weeks this year in terms of weather and that was great for the spirits and really helped it feel like spring and a break from the regular work days. I loved it! 

Our break started out on Friday, March 13th. Michael had his kindergarten round up day at school that we were all excited for. I was on my own with all three kids since Scott was at work and I think that was a first for me to get everyone ready and out the door! Yay me! I also arrived way too early for pick up time and got to school while they were loading the busses for their ride around town- oops! 

After round up, we met Scott for lunch at Pizza Ranch. It was the girls' first time out to eat a restaurant (besides one quick lunch at McDonalds) and they did great. They slept the whole time and we were able to have one adult at the table with the stroller while the other one helped Michael or got their own food. We did take them in our stroller and it was a little tight but we chose a table by a wall so we could park the stroller up by the wall. I was meeting Scott there so I had to haul the kids in by myself and I wasn't sure I could carry two carriers plus keep track of Michael all the way in from the parking lot. 

After lunch, we drove across town to Toys R Us so Michael could pick out a new toy that we promised him for being a good boy while staying home with our nanny while his school was off the previous week. We had been making a big deal of it and he was excited. I think we've only been to the toy store one time before and he thought it was so cool! He even drew this picture when we got home and I thought it was funny that he clearly wrote his favorite place on it: 

He picked out two new LEGO things: a Bionicle and a Hero Factory. Hero Factory legos are hard to find because they don't carry them at Target or Walmart and I knew Toys R Us had a big LEGO selection. Michael loved looking at all the different sets! We are headed to Kansas City in May for a wedding and we are also going to stop by the LEGO Experience in the Crown Center so hopefully we can hold off on LEGO purchases until then! I think Michael is a good age for it and will find it fun. 

The rest of the break went smoothly...mostly it was just me and the girls at home spending time with each other. Michael went back to school for four days during break and then had the next Friday off. It was good just to have lots of time at home with the girls. It was a little tricky finding our groove for the first day but we settled in to a routine nicely after that. They are just so fun and it was nice to have two little buddies around as I tried to keep up with household chores during the week. 






The weather was so nice that we got in lots of outside time which was much needed for our spirits. A few times I talked Michael into riding his bike with me at Jester Park before heading to the playground to play- so fun! 

We also did the High Trestle Trail on Friday afternoon when Scott got off work early. It was a beautiful day and so much fun just to get out and enjoy the sunshine. 

I dropped Michael and Scott off at the trailhead in town and then I drove to the other trailhead that is about a mile from the bridge. They met us up with us just as the girls and I were heading out. I walked just to the bridge with the girls but it was too windy to go over it. I think Scott and Michael went all the way to Woodward and then met us back at the car to pack up and go home. Michael's little tag a long bike is so cute and I think it feels safer than him trying to ride his little bike on the trail. Scott has big plans for next summer when we can put the girls in our trailer...I guess that means it will be me saddling up, too! 

My mom came to visit the last weekend of break and it was nice to see her. I know my parents really miss Anna and Brynn especially when they are growing so fast. Mom took them for a spin in this stroller she got for us and they look so big sitting up! 

We also went for a walk. I've been trying to get into better shape especially now that I feel like I am getting better sleep at night. The girls are so good in their stroller and I love getting outside but it has been cold weather again this week so I've been trying to do our elliptical inside. It is hard because I am so tired that I basically fall asleep whenever I stop moving but I guess I just got to keep charging ahead. I keep thinking of the phrase- "How do you eat an elephant?" "One bite at a time" and realizing that a little bit every day can add up. Especially when I am outside walking I notice that it really does help clear my head and I like the feeling that I can just let my brain spin while I am walking-not worrying about my to do list or what I have to get done next. 

So that's my break in a nutshell: just spending lots of quality time with the ones I love! 




Spring break was definitely a marker in my mind...the second semester is now more than half over and we are on the downward slide towards summer. I am proud of myself for making it this far and I know I keep going for a few more months!! 

Hope you had a great spring break and March! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

End of Feb. Photos

I'm trying to get my blog updated since I didn't do much in February so here is the rest of our photos from last month when the girls were five months old. I think the lack of updating was a combo of February being short, busy for me at school, coming down off the adrenaline high of returning to work...or something! Maybe just being busy with three kids at home? 

I try and pull my camera out each weekend a little bit just to capture the girls while we are taking it easy at home, which is mostly what we are up to on weekends anyway. The girls are pretty much always home, unless we take them out in the car only or to the doctor. It seems like Scott has had a string of working Saturday mornings so it has been busy for me especially. Hopefully these photos and posts are a nice reflection of our peaceful weekend days at home. 

We brought the baby exercaucer up from downstairs and it is a hit with the girls. It was a hand me over from our niece who I think got it as a hand me over also and wow- it is a timeless toy. For the short period of time they use it, it is really handy and fun. At one point in time, I thought about getting two but that would be have been too much and plus this way the girls can take turns in it and it stays fresh and new to them. 

The favorite is the red "cookie" which the girls always try to grab right away! 

Michael loved it too and I have such fond memories of his cute little face while he would play during our time at home together! 


The babies are just so cute I can't help but capture their sweet little faces together! Brynn on the left and Anna on the right. 

Brynn, their matching sets of peepers!

I try and remember to always take some separate of each girl so every photo from their childhood isn't of both of them together! I haven't started their scrapbooks yet (on the list for summer break) but not sure how I will tackle it...maybe make some individual pages along with the ones together and I can just print two books? Who knows! 

Hopefully I will get a few more updates in here before my spring break is over...just one more day left! Eek! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kindergarten Roundup

Michael had Kindergarten Roundup last Friday!

It felt like a big day to me, one of those ticks on the timeline of your life. Like, wow...we are almost to the huge milestone of starting Kindergarten! I was definitely anxious about it, not about how Michael would do (he would be fine) but just that it is another passing of time markers that makes you reflect on everything that has happened up to that point. 

I just feel like this time from Michael being born until now has gone so fast. I know it will go just as fast with the girls. I know these are the days and I want to make sure I do everything I can to make the most of it. I don't want to have regrets about not doing something fun when we had the opportunity, knowing when to disconnect and spend time as a family, and being the best mom I can be. This is not only my life but my family's life and I am helping to write their story- it is a big deal! 

Anyway...back to roundup. It was just for a morning and the kids rotated through the four different classrooms for an activity in each one. Next year there will be three kindergarten classes and one transitional class. Michael said his favorite part was recess and the bus ride around town (and past our house!). He seemed to get along well with the other kids and was happy when I picked him up. I know he will love school and will do well but I still have worries for him. What if he has a teacher that misunderstands him? What if he get picked on by other kids? What if he picks on other kids? What if he gets bored? What if its too hard? What if his teacher doesn't care? Are we doing enough at home to help him? 

I do, of course, know all the facts about how kids succeed in school and yada yada yada...and I hope that by Michael knowing he is so loved and special helps him to succeed in school or anything situation he is in. We have had lots of conversations lately about what is right and what is wrong and why that is. This is where I can sense parenting is going to get harder...its not just about soothing his cries but helping his soul and spirit and guiding him along the right path. Michael was tired the other night and when I asked him for the millionth time to get his jammies on he told me he hated me. Of course, I knew he did not mean it and was just repeating an act he saw someone else because...we never say that in our house. I'm pretty sure we don't say we hate anything...or say things suck...anyway, later he told me he heard a friend say that to his caregiver and it just hurt my heart. We talked for a long time about it but it just makes me sad that he has to be exposed to things I have no control over. Hopefully he can stay on the right path and keep his sweet, good natured self just the way he is! 

Anyway, I got off on a little tangent there but overall the day seemed to go well. The girls stole the show as I had to wheel them in to sign Michael in and pick him up. They did look extra cute that morning so I can understand. :o) It was cute seeing Michael be proud of them when showing them to the teacher and telling her he was a good big brother and helper. 

Here's to many new adventures!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Six Month Stats!

I was so surprised to see the girls' weights at their appointment earlier this week! Anna gained two pounds and 10 ounces while Brynn gained two pounds and 5 ounces! Anna also grew two inches and Brynn only grew half an inch. Anna feels much bigger to me but Brynn is no shrimpy...she is pretty chubby, too! 

Our doctor (who we don't usually see because our usual one was on spring break) was so impressed with the girls and how strong and healthy they have been. He also loved their big smiles and social interaction. We are so blessed! 

Keep on growing, big girls! :o) 

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