Thursday, June 29, 2017

Visit to Grandma and Grandpa's House

Last weekend I traveled to Moville with the kids for a visit to my parents house! We had a lot of fun and I'm glad I took my little point and shoot camera along to capture some moments. 


Of course we had to recreate the babies in rocking chairs photo from two (yes, two!) years ago! 


We had lots of fun going on adventures around the farm and checking out all the animals. 



The girls had fun playing in grandma's "tiny house" aka her mini winnebago camper. They thought it was so fun, pretending to drive and playing in the seats. We were fortunate that it was a bit cooler on the weather front so it was nice to be outside and get lots of playtime in without being too hot. 



We also visited the other farm so we could see grandpa's pigs. We got to see lots of different sizes and the girls and Michael had fun watching the baby pigs skip around and look at the them. 




A bonus to visiting Moville was also catching up with my brother and his wife. A favorite was their puppy, Boomer who Anna especially loved. She says he is "her boomer" and that she loves him. 


Lots of baby calves! 




Michael loved the trampoline! 




Aunt Nikki and Uncle Sam brought the miniature horses out for the girls and Michael to ride. They were so cute! 



I did have to pay Micheal $1 to get on Miss peaches but he was still brave! 

Brynn loved this little kitty and the poor kitty was such a good sport for being toted around so much. 

All in all, it was a great trip back home. We had a really smooth drive back home with everyone watching a movie and napping. No one threw up in the car (yay!) as I was proactive with the dramamine and it was a quick trip. The kids had a lot of fun playing at "Gramie's house" and discovering all the treasures she had for them. We also visited the Launch pad children's museum in Sioux City which was a highlight for sure (so fun) but I didn't have any photos of it on my point and shoot camera. Hopefully some footage will make it into my end of the summer video. Michael stayed with my parents for a few days after the girls and I went home and he had a great time as well swimming at the pool and spending a night at CocoKey in Omaha. It was a great trip! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer so far

Summer is off to a busy start, despite my attempts to keep telling myself we are going to keep it easy this summer. I have been having a hard time of adjusting to our new schedule, mostly because it has seemed like a lot of running around but also it is a huge change of pace from my days at school. It is a process and I am realizing it is okay to give myself a bit of grace for it. I would also like to give a bit of thanks to my sister in law Julie for pointing this out to me and I'm glad that she gets it and can see something that I can't see when I am so close to the situation. 

Anyway, where to start? 

Michael got out of school one day before I did so I ran down to grab him at his 11:00 early release and then brought him back to Boone with me to finish up the rest of the day. He came swimming with the 8th graders at the indoor pool and we had a really fun time. Afterwards we enjoyed donuts at the bakery, picked up dinner at our favorite BBQ joint and purchased the pet Michael always dreamed of (as a surprise)...a hamster!! 

Michael also did little league tball this spring and Scott helped coach his team. I think it was a good experience for him and hopefully something he will continue doing. The coach had helped Scott out last summer with soccer so Scott was happy to return the favor in helping and bonus for me, Scott took Michael to every single practice and game. I did join them with the girls for one of their last games and it was really fun. 

Memorial Day weekend we had a little get together with my brother's family, parents and grandparents. It was a beautiful day outside and it was fun seeing the girls all play together. I think Michael feels a bit left out of the fun being the older cousin but I think it is neat that the girls have cousins so close in age to themselves to grow up with. I can't wait until they are old enough that we can start trading weekends away with my brother! 

Michael's last day of school portrait included his fidget spinner. Of course. He had a great 1st grade year and it is neat to see how much he is learning both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I felt a bit guilty as he would have had PERFECT attendance minus the one day I took him out of school for a hookey day when the Boone girls basketball team went to state. Bummer- although that is a fun day in my memory and I can't believe Michael wasn't sick once. 

On MY first day of school (I had one extra work day after Memorial Day) Michael and I went to Toys R Us to look at LEGOS (of course) and pick out a water table for the girls to have fun with over the summer. A water table is hands down of the best toys for kids that gets played with all the time. Michael's finally bit the dust with a big crack in the bottom but we are still using it for sand and rocks. 

Last day for me! Dad's belgian waffles and a really fun wrap up day to the year. I really thought it was a good way to end the year instead of everyone just leaving right after the kids. We actually did some planning for the beginning of next year and got to have some fun with our staff. I am so so blessed to work with awesome people and in an awesome school that cares about its kids. It was the best year ever! 

The girls have been going to daycare part of the time and it is fun for me to get them ready in the morning and get them out the door. Michael and I have been doing our morning work of a "Summer Bridge" book and journaling. Another goal of ours is to read each day which is not going as well as the workbook and journaling but we are still getting it in where we can. Maybe I need to set an alarm for reading time? At the girls rest time? Not sure. 

We are trying to do some read alongs with audio books and it seems like it is going well. That counts, right? 

Greenhouse helper! I finally got all my plants in the 1st week of June. I was such a procrastinator this year and it seems like it is getting worse every day. Fortunately, I have tended more to my landscaping already this year more than I have in the past three years combined so hopefully I can share some updates with you. I love being productive out in the yard it makes me feel like the old me, in the days where I had nothing on my schedule in the summer except things I wanted to do. 

I signed Michael up for swim lessons the 1st week in June to get them out of the way and hopefully boost his confidence for a full summer of swimming. He really surprised us with making huge strides in just his week of private lessons. He can now swim all on his own and tread water with no help. He did both the diving board and the plunge slide- things he never did before! We've had two swimming days so far and they are so much more relaxing now that I don't have to worry about him all the time around the water. Gosh, it feels just like yesterday when I stopped making him wear a lifejacket all the time at the pool. 

I did try and read a little bit during his lessons but he told me wanted me to be watching him the whole time so I didn't miss anything! It was really fun. 

We made slime! We made one dud batch and then had success. However, we had an issue when the girls got it all over their clothes and in their hair. ugh. It was terrible, now the slime is on a special occasion basis only! 

Michael finally lose his other front tooth! It was really hanging on by a thread and I gave it a really hard wiggle when I heard a pop. He then had Scott pull it out and I think it really surprised Michael. Scott was so proud of himself as his grandpa was a dentist- I told him that the spirit of Dr. Naibert was guiding him. :o) 

Its already been a busy summer with Municipal band rehearsals and concerts. I am also playing in the Boone Big Band which has already had several rehearsals and a gig with two more this summer. I also did a special CIWE performance and have a chamber group on the books that has a few rehearsals and a concert and then summer lessons on top of has been a lot of music considering it is supposed to be down time. :o)

We did a morning outing to the zoo last week and the girls did really well. It was pretty warm though and we didn't take the stroller which meant it was slower walking than usual. The girls were worn out and really had a fun time. 

Summer naps are my favorite. Everyone was sleeping one day last week (even Michael) and the house was so quiet, it was almost exciting. Usually the girls and Michael are so loud that I have to wear earplugs so I treasure the silence. 

Last Saturday, we went to the Johnston Green Days parade and then to Michael's school to play. The girls LOVED the parade and could hardly believe that people were just giving them candy and candy and more candy! I think they ate at least seven suckers each. Michael was so proud afterwards showing the girls his school and it was a fun, easy and safe place for us to go for a quick outing. 

Scott had been on the BaCOON ride all day so it was a long day of entertaining everyone but we survived. It was hard not to feel blessed when we had a view like the one above. 

Father's day was spent getting everyone (minus Scott) up early to head to church to teach Sunday School when we pulled into the church parking lot and not one single car was there. I had thought it was weird that I never got an email about this week's lesson but I figured I would go anyway to check just in case.  Well I pulled up my email and realized this was the week they were having outdoor church and it was an hour later than usual. Feeling flustered and disappointed we just came back home.  After naps and a attempt to keep kids happy we headed to the park to run off some steam. It was really fun and there were so many families there celebrating father's day with their dads. 

Sunday was a really hard day for me. I'm not sure if it was just the culmination of four days of having the kids non stop, the emotions that go along with father's day (and the fact that Scott didn't spend time with us- something that Michael pointed out and I think hurt his feelings) or just the noise of people always screaming in my ears all day but I just want to acknowledge that sometimes it is hard. I am not sure if I need to temper my expectations even more but we are having some major growing pains and I am hoping they will sort themselves out soon. Until then, we'll keep staying busy! :o) 

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