Wednesday, July 14, 2010

South Dakota Vacation Day 4

Day four of our vacation started out with a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs at our campsite. We bought a whole package of really good bacon and we ate the whole thing! The funny thing is we were full for our hours afterwards-isn't bacon wonderful?

Michael had a fun time playing in his pack and play outside while Scott and I cooked. He loved the little stream that ran right outside our camper. It was really cool.

After breakfast we headed back into Deadwood to check out the sites. I really wanted to visit Deadwood since I had watched the entire HBO series a couple summers ago. I had these big fantasies in my mind of how it would look and I was really disappointed that it was mostly gambling.

However I did find some gems like Al Swearingen's suit from the series and the historic locations of the big events that happened here.

We also checked out the Midnight Star casino which is owned by Kevin Costner. At last, I got to see some Dances with Wolves memorabilia!

Later that night we headed back to the campsite and had a nice dinner of fried trout that we caught ourselves! The campground had a little pond you could through a line into and they would fry up what you caught. It was pretty funny how quickly you caught a fish!

We ended the night with a camfire and some beers! It was a great day!

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