Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Scott and I saw Wicked last night at the Civic Center and it was awesome!

I had been wanting to see it ever since my mom and sister when to NYC in 2005 and saw it there. Can you believe I had to wait four years? Des Moines has been advertising it for about two years and I was glad I had the chance to go. I knew I wanted to go but then we put off buying tickets until about a month ago when we sprung for them for our wedding anniversary present to each other.

I'm also glad it worked out so we could squeeze it in before baby arrives! I was worried, but everything was fine. :o) Mom and my sister are going again when they come to see the new baby (hopefully it is here by then!) so that will be fun for them. Mom is taking vacation for two weeks after this weekend so I hope baby arrives so she can some help me!!

Anyway...the show was great. The actress playing Elphaba was fresh off of playing her on Broadway and she was by far the best cast member. And she is also my favorite and sings my favorite songs, so I am a little biased. Also a surprise was that the Wizard was played by the actor who also played Kenny the station manager in "Frasier". (we are huge fans of Frasier and I think we've seen every epidsode...dorky, right?)

It was a great night out! Thanks Scott!

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