Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post-partum Meals

Well.... I did it!! I finished my marathon cooking day! was a doozy. In fact, I just woke up from a long two hour nap to finish up the cleaning before Scott gets home!

Here is the finished product (please ignore the messy kitchen!):

I ended up with 14 meals, plus two big bags of cooked chicken breasts I can pull out when I need to warm one up for a salad or sandwich or something along those lines.

The recipes were fairly easy to follow, but I must admit I fudged a lot of the measuring. I figured for most of the stuff I was making it didn't really matter if I was too exact.

The most time consuming part was cooking all the chicken breast (10 lbs!), ground beef (6 lbs!) and chopping up the beef and veggies. Otherwise it went pretty smoothly and quickly. I would say it was about 3 hours total with prepping and clean up time.

So here are the goods:

Baked Ziti & Chili

Beef Stroganoff & Beef Stew

Chicken and Chillies Casserole

Here is the link to all the recipes in one spot, in case you don't feel like doing all those clickies.

Also in my freezer I have:

2 bags of Corn Chowder (from Cooking Light) + french bread
5 lb pork loin for grilling
3 lb pork shoulder roast for BBQ sandwiches + rolls
4 pans cinnamon rolls
2 frozen pizzas
2 packages brats + buns
frozen vegs for sides

Well baby...we are one step closer to you arriving! We'll probably be sleep deprived and neurotic, but at least we won't be hungry!

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  1. WOW!!! Amazing! How long do you think it will last? Do you have a big freezer or a second freezer? Or does that all fit in a standard one?

  2. We have a small deep freeze in our basement. I think it should be about 2 or 3 weeks worth of food depending on if we just eat it for dinner or for lunch and dinner.

    I've seen a photo of a regular freezer filled with meals but there is no way mine would be able to do it...we need to do some major organizing in there first!

  3. That is great! I'm sure you will be SO glad you have all the meals ready for after baby!


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