Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby things

Well...I'm still here! I feel like baby can really come anytime!

We had our last prenatal class last night and little did I know it was going to be a quiz type class on everything we learned so far! I wish I had studied!! But really, I have read so much I think I have a pretty good handle on things.

The hospital tour was very informative and answered lots of my questions. There is room service for food (yay!), except the husband only gets one meal. However, we did notice one of the nurses had Jimmy John's delivered while we were on the tour so that is a helpful tip. Also, maybe this will be a good opportunity for Scott to finally try Big Tomato pizza which is downtown and carry out only. And yes...eating is my number one concern about being in the hospital! lol!

It was pretty slow on the floor when we had our tour, but there were two babies in the nursery. So cute!! It is so hard to imagine that in just a short time that will be ME and MY baby at the hospital. It just seems so unreal.

After the class we headed to Target and Scott bought me a birthing ball to use while we are at home.

We've used them a lot in class and I like sitting and bouncing on it, or leaning over it to stretch out my back. It also makes a pretty nice footrest (for the relaxing on the couch birthing position). It was only $8.99 and we can use it after the birth for abs (what are those?) exercises! I was impressed Scott wanted to buy me something to help with labor!

Also, I just discovered the online nursery where you can look at pictures of all the new babies born at the hospital. It is interesting to see what the babies are wearing!

Here is a link for all you baby gawkers like myself out there!

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