Friday, September 18, 2009

Whiny post follow up

This is a follow up to my post earlier this week which consisted of me whining my head off...

I am happy to report that I am feeling much better about things. I have been thinking and praying a lot about things at school and everything went really smoothly on Thursday. I'm just trying to see the positive in my students and to be a positive person in their lives. I had an excellent rehearsal planned for the 6th graders and it went well and the 2nd day of group lessons went well with the 5th graders also.

We had our open house night last night too and while it was a very long day for me, it was nice to connect with some parents and make sure everyone is on the same page. I also got lots of sympathy from parents so that makes me feel better they don't think I'm doing bad of a job!

I went in early yesterday and got lots of planning work done so I feel one step closer to being ready to turn it over to a sub. I still have lots more to do before I feel ready, but I think if I go in an hour early for my next 4 days I am there I should be able to get the job done. I even got some posters hung up in my room which just makes me feel better all around! It really is the little things.

The students also received their laptops last night as part of our 1:1 student:laptop project. I have some super cool software that goes with our lesson books that the kids can put on their laptops and practice with at home. I think it is going to be really awesome.

I also went today for my 2nd appointment at the chiropractor and I am feeling sooooo much better. It is really amazing! I'm really glad I decided to go because I thought I could just suck it up and deal with for a few more weeks but really a few more weeks is a long time! I think it has helped with my attitude as well....when you don't feel good, you don't feel good!

I have also enjoyed hearing my chiropractor's take on pregnancy and the birthing experience. I could talk with her for hours because she just has such a neat perspective on things-it is really refreshing. She had both her girls at home....amazing! She also encouraged me to look into some different things like La Leche Leage for breastfeeding and gave me a number for her midwife's lending library. I feel like usually these things are only reserved for "hippies", but really she is very down to earth and it is nice to have the encouragement. I have run into her several times throughout the course of the year and just now I have gone in to see her and it has been such a blessing! Sometimes God has a funny way of working. :o)

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