Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gender Neutral Outfits

I went a little crazy today and picked up some more gender neutral outfits in smaller sizes. I really do not have a ton of clothes for the new baby and lots of my stuff is in larger sizes, just because I kind of picked what I liked at garage sales and whatnot.

I got several things in newborn size, and I am keeping the tags on those just in case they are too tiny! But you never know!

I really like these cream colored classic pooh outfits. The one on the right is a little jacket/pants/onesie set. So cute!

I thought these sleepers were cute too, although they looked pretty tiny in newborn size! I like the kitty one...and I think a boy could wear that. Boys like kitties too, right?

I also picked up some socks because I didn't have any! I thought these were too cute to resist!

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  1. The onesies are precious!! So soon now!

  2. Teeny, tiny baby socks just make you go "awww ..."


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