Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Let's Go State!

This isn't really part of the official weekend, but it was part of my weekend! Thursday night, ISU played North Dakota State for the home opener in Ames. It was a beautiful night! Scott picked me right up from school and we headed to a sweet tailgating spot in the donor lot thanks to some mutual friends of ours. It was awesome!

There was a record crowd and it was nice and cool out. Thank heavens! :o) And...Cyclones win!

Friday night we headed to Keokuk to visit our friends Kelly and Josh who were married earlier this summer. We made it just in time to catch Josh's halftime show! The kids sounded great for their first time out on the field!

It was lots of fun to hang out with friends and we even took an educational trip to historic Nauvoo, IL. Nauvoo is where Joseph Smith and his Mormon followers lived before they were driven out to go to Salt Lake City. Everything was beautifully restored and the beautiful day was wonderful!

My only real knowledge of the Mormon faith is drawn from the HBO series "Big Love"...and this guy doing the gun demonstration looked a lot like Hollis Greene...what do you think??

Everything in the town was so beautiful and well taken care of. I really enjoy the landscaping!

Above right is the tour of Brigham Young's house and below is the reconstructed temple.

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  1. I love tours of historic things. I'm from AZ and there is a large Mormon influence there, but here in Nebraska--zilch.


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