Monday, September 21, 2009

More Basement Updates and Nesting

I think we are getting closer to having this puppy done!

This weekend our handy man was here and installed the crown molding on the cabinets in the kitchen downstairs. I think it looks pretty nice and gives it a more finished look. It's pretty hefty crown molding...not sure what I was on when I picked that out. It must have been the 1st trimester zombies!

I like the middle cabinet that goes all the way up to ceiling. It is really nice because it fills the space, but we can't even hardly open the doors without a step-stool! We'll have to have one down there to keep handy.

He also finished putting up most of the baseboard trim and it looks really nice as a total package. This room is totally done! Now all we have to do is wait for flooring which Scott assures me can be done anytime. Scott has about 12 doors to stain (I know...what were we thinking?) so I think he wants to wait with the flooring until he has those done.

This room below is my favorite, and I think it will probably become a playroom! That way we can cram all the kid junk in there and shut the door! (wishful thinking!)

Scott has also been doing some nesting himself...he started this big DVD organizing project. I'm not sure what prompted it, but he even went out and bought containers to store the DVD's in (organized by genre, then alphabetical). He is also in the process of ripping all the DVD's to our home server PC so eventually we can just grab them off there instead of digging for the actual DVD...unless of course we want the best quality possible, then we get the DVD to watch. Yeesh! Any other husbands out there media-philes? It is actually pretty nice becuae I am pretty sloppy when it comes to those things. I think Scott is still miffed about the time I bought him Wedding Crashers in non-wide screen version. The horror! :o)

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