Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boppy Cover

I am happy to announce that try number two in making a boppy cover was a success!

Here is the finished result:

one side minky dot fabric, one side polka dot cotton.

However, much of my success this time around was due to an excellent pattern I found on vanillajoy.com. This is an awesome blog!

Instead of doing a zipper (because I have no idea how to do that) I sewed some velcro on the seam instead to close the cover. The nice thing about minky is that it is kind of like fleece where it doesn't unravel if the ends are unfinished. At least...lets hope so!

Here are both sides together. The browns don't exactly match, but that is a-okay with me!

Now off the the fabric store for more fun fabric to make another cover!
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  1. Great job! I think it's adorable! Where did you find the minky fabric? I've been looking for something like that and just haven't found something worth paying alot for. Thanks!

  2. I am so impressed. When you said you tried to make on earlier- it though for suer it would be way to hard to get it perfect. I am so impressed. Way to go you!


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