Monday, September 14, 2009

ISU vs. Iowa

Wells kids, it's that time of year again: ISU vs. of the great in-state college football rivalries!

Kickoff on Saturday was at 11 a.m., which required us to be at the tailgating lots at dawn! I was up at 4:45 and we left the house around 5:30...and still got the very last grass spot on our lot. Yikes!

We had a great morning tailgate and spirits were high as we were all still hopeful about the game. Here is our regular tailgating crew, but we also had lots of extra visitors stop by which was fun! Lots of good food and early morning beverages (none of which I was able to participate in, unfortunately). I think everyone needs and excuse to drink a beer before 7 a.m. on occasion!

It was a beautiful morning!

As we were headed into the game we stopped to watch the football team headed out to warmup. We also saw our bball coach Greg McDermott and hopeful ISU recruit Harrison Barnes. He came right over the gate where we were standing and I told Scott to slip him some cash and tell him to come to ISU, but Scott didn't think that was such a great idea. I know it is illegal, but I think it happens!

The Hawks brought their band to the big game in Ames and it is always fun to see them perform. However, the only time people actually cheer for OUR band is after the Hawks's weird. Usually no one is even in the stands for pregame!

Here is the famous "floating ISU".

Also, I really enjoy having the Hawk band here because the sat right across the stands from us and 1. they actually played songs during the game and 2. I could actually hear them. I think the ISU band has been weird this year...hardly playing any cheers or anything. And they are also not that loud. At halftime they turned around and faced our side of the stadium and I thought, "this will be great, I will actually be able to hear them!" but wasn't even that much louder. Maybe it is just pregnancy induced deafness? Who knows. rant against the band is over.
And I can do these things because we were better and cooler when I was in it. :o) Even if it was ages ago!

The outcome of the game wasn't what we expected, but we had a great morning anyway! Maybe next year we'll get those Hawks!

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  1. Our rivalry didn't go the way that we would have liked wither- but oh well. Maybe next year.

    I am impressed that you got up so early to tailgate! I have never been- so maybe I just don't know what I am missing!


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