Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adventureland 2013

Last week, we made our second annual trek to Adventureland Amusement park for a day of fun. We had a little better strategy this year after our trip last year which was mainly to do the water park first. It is way back in the rear of the park and it is less busy in the morning and gets packed in the afternoon. So we we wore our swimsuits and headed there first. To say Michael had a ball would be a complete understatement. He had so much fun. He loved the slides, the splashers and the wave pool. 


Scott joined us around 3pm and we went on some rides as a family- the Raging River and the Log Ride were big favorites. We also went to the circus at Adventureland which was a first for me and it was pretty good! 

My parents were camping at the Adventureland campground so we went back for dinner and some rest. It is a nice campground and it is nice to get away from the park for a bit. It is just a short walk or a tram ride away from the park. We went back for the last hour the park was open and did a few more rides and enjoyed an ice cream cone (do not ever get your child the "Scooper Hero" flavor- it is sooo messy!). 

Thank you for the fun day, Mom & Dad! Let's do it again next year!  

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