Friday, July 12, 2013


Happy Friday!

This week we visited the Union Park Heritage Carousel- so fun! I have a full blown blog post about it coming up later but just thought I would share our teasers from my iphone.

My favorite Target got new carts. This is incredibly exciting to me for some reason. These are all the old ones stacked away outside the store.  RIP, little soldiers. You have served me and lots of other housewives well.

Michael is just growing like a weed this summer. It must be all the fresh air and sunshine. And Miracle Grow? (ha.ha.) 

Wasn't it just yesterday he had to sit at the bar in his little chair that hung off the counter?  This is one of his favorite spots to perch and I love it.

My potted plants are growing, growing, growing! I love fussing over them every day and watering them first thing in the morning. They are a treat to me-like a bouquet that lasts all summer long!

We also squeezed in a trip to the Blank Park Zoo last week to check it off our summer fun list. We made the mistake of going on a was so busy!  I think Michael had the most fun playing at the park outside of the time we will just pack a lunch and do that (kidding).

My sister Denise also came down for a visit to eat dinner and hang out with Michael. I am so glad she is close by and even though our life is considerably less exciting than college life, I think sometimes you need a little respite from it all.  We "celebrated" her birthday belatedly just so Michael could sing her Happy Birthday and blow out candles.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I got excited about the NEW Target carts too! Your comment made me laugh. I love the black and white pics!

    Visiting from insta-friday! Love, Traci Michele


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