Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Union Park

Michael and I headed to Union Park last week for some exploring. It has been on our summer list and I've been waiting for the perfect day to make the trek over there. It was sooo worth it and we had a blast. Union park is one of the oldest parks in Des Moines and you just feel like you have gone back in time when you arrive. I loved it. 

Michael has been before with his daycare, as they go on Fridays to swim and play. However, he is not going to daycare on Fridays in the summer so he only gets to go with his friends a few times in June when I'm still in school and the a few times in August when I go back. Michael knew exactly where we were going and love, love, loved the rocket slide. He calls this park, "the rocket park". We played, swam, ate a picnic lunch under the big old shade trees, rode the carousel and played some more. It was the perfect summer day.

I'd never been to the Heritage Carousel and thank you to all the friends who go every year to recommend it to me! It is a beauty and a Des Moines treasure for sure. I loved all the animals and the scenes painted on the inside. The carousel was built in 1998 as an inexpensive way for families and children to have an enjoyable and affordable experience.

 We just had the best time and will be going back for sure before summer is over!

I also started writing for desmoinesparent.com at the recommendation of my friend Kara. I wrote up a quick article after our visit to the park. Please check it out! 

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  1. Your park visits are very complete and well-done! We are looking forward to adding this to our lists. On a different note, I'm jealous of having your summers with Michael to do all sorts of fun things! JEALOUS!


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