Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Friends Summer Weekend: Friday at Snus Hill

To kick off our what-seems-to-becoming-annual friends summer weekend, we headed up to Madrid for a evening at Snus Hill Winery. Madrid is just a hop, skip and jump away from our house so it wasn't too far to travel. Snus Hill has a concert series in the summer that is outside on the lawn on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. It was a beautiful night with great temperatures and I think everyone was surprised at how fun it was. There is no cover fee, you can bring your own picnic (or full out tailgate like our neighbors had-wow!) and kids are most certainly welcome. It seemed like a win-win for me especially when you add in that they have an excellent selection of reasonably priced wines to buy right inside.

...and Scott was happy because they added beers to the menu since he had last visited. Yay for Peace Tree brewing!

Just a warning...if you bring a baby in my presence, I will be taking pictures of it like some creepy stalker. Baby Luke is too cute to resist. He was so good, not even making a peep. He was a lucky boy that night and had his grandma handy for lots of snuggle time. It was also just the perfect temperature- not too hot but warm enough to keep little babies snuggly. 

More baby cuteness, although Karsten is almost a year old! 

We had a great evening and ended up staying until it just started turning dark. The three older boys were caked in dirt as evidence of the good time they had and were soon clean, settled into bed so the adults could have some more chat time. 

It was a great way to kick off the weekend! Snus Hill is a central Iowa treasure! 

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