Friday, July 26, 2013


Happy Friday! 

 Is it really Friday again already? Wowzers. We've had a great week and I hope you have too. Thank goodness for instas for recording those little moments in these weeks that just fly by.
 All sorts of goodness is blooming in my yard! My favs are my zinnias of course which I plant from seed every year. I like the ones that are lime in the middle and are purple on the outside- a surprise  I found as I usually just toss handfuls of seeds into the holes I dig. I am also loving the stargazer lilies my grandmother sent last fall. They smell so good and are so beautiful that I hate to cut them for arrangements. They are such a happy blessing in my garden. 
My big boy- growing so much this summer. 

 My usual Monday morning set up for lessons. I had 10 kids cancel last week- 10!! I never realized how busy kids are in the summer but I am thankful for that because kids are supposed to busy in the summer off playing baseball, visiting grandparents, and going to Adventureland. I'm just glad they can squeeze band lessons in there also and I've several kids who haven't missed once and are doing awesome as a result.

I've been trying to download some fun apps for Michael to use since he loves the ipad. I know that lots of schools and preschools utilize them for learning opportunities so I think I really need to jump on that wagon at home and not just use it for movies. His two new favorites are Dr. Panda and also Reader Rabbit Kindergarten. He also has Reader Rabbit Preschool but it is a little easy for him so I thought we'd go to the next level and it is okay for him as long as I guide him through the activities.

Look what I found in Booneville while chasing Scott on the RAGBRAI route. Walkins welcome! Any takers? (no, not me in case you were wondering!)

Waiting for Dad at his office, singing and playing. Love his sweet voice.

We headed out to the Valley Junction Farmer's Market last night for some dinner and browsing. We actually ran into one of Scott's high school classmates who had moved to the area that we had been meaning to get together with! It was a fun encounter and we've made plans to meet again. Des Moines really is a very small world. We had fun hanging out in this beautiful alley with a funky wall.

That's it for our week! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Hi, your flowers look lovely, we have some also in our garden. We plant them every year, they add such bright, lovely colors. Hope you have a great weekend. visiting from InstaFriday


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