Monday, July 9, 2012


My parents were here last week before the 4th of July holiday so we decided to head to the local amusement park and make a day of it.

It was Micheal's first time at an amusement park and he was so excited. I couldn't really capture it in the photos but he had the time of his life. He had seen an episode of Umizoomis where they went to a carnival and we had driven past a few rinky-dink carnivals set up for town festivals and so he kind of knew what he was getting in to. He kept saying he was going to the "cardboard", which is code for the carnival, which is code for the amusement park. Got it? 

It was really nice of my parents to take us all and my little sister, her friend, my brother and his fiance even joined us for a little bit at the water park part.

Michael totally photo bombed their picture....but he is so cute I suppose it is alright. He was so excited to have Aunt-Niece visit for a few days.

We were worried about how many rides Michael would be able to ride on but he did a really good job and wasn't even scared. He could ride on a quite a few of the little kid rides and is at a good age where he thinks it is a lot of fun. 

After a picnic lunch we changed into our swimming suits (yes, I wore a swimming suit in public!!) and then hit the water park. Michael had a blast going down the little slides they had for the kiddies and playing in the splash area. It was so hot the day we were there (over 100 for sure) that by the time we got done walking all the way to the water park we just had to dunk our heads under water. It was sooo bad. I think everyone was really good sports about the hot weather and maybe we'll go back sometime when it isn't quite so terrible weather-wise. 

Michael fell asleep right away in the car....even before he could finish his well deserved chocolate shake from Mcdonalds! I would say that is a successful day. 

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