Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Home List

In addition to my summer fun list of 2013, I also have a smaller, more personal "Home Organization" list that I started drafting this spring. So many things were just getting tossed into closets and on to shelves that nothing was functioning well and it was driving me bonkers. So I've been trying to dedicate some time to it over the summer so things will be functioning better when it is time to go back to school in the fall.

I had already tackled my pantry, hallway closet and laundry room and up next was Michael's closet and room. He has a huge closet but so much room was being taken up by things poorly organized or outgrown. Here is the before:

This project also coincides with organizing this little bookshefl in the living room since most of the stuff from this shelf was moving into Michael's room. Here is that before:

I moved all the kid stuff into Michael's room and the big stack of books into the guest bedroom. I then had space to move my photo albums which were eating up room on top of my media cabinets in the living room. Ahh...isn't that better already?

Since most of the stuff on the bookshelf was books, I went to work organizing Michael's bookshelf in his room. He really needs a nice big new shelf but that isn't in the budget at this point so I did what I could on his little one, moving the larger volumes to the top of his dresser and some of the smaller books to the smaller bookshelf by his bed (which used to have toys...which moved to the closet).

So far, so good- right? I felt like I needed all the books corralled in one location. We only read books in his room unless he brings them from his room to another room. The books in the living room just plain weren't getting read so I felt fine about keeping them all in one central location. Also...this makes me realize we may have a slight book problem. 

Next up was cleaning out Michael's closet and getting rid of the junk the baby things and the things he has outgrown. The wire baskets were filled to the brim with crib bedding and blankets. All of these were sorted and went either to a goodwill pile or into a storage tub. The same for his clothes- I weeded out three whole bags to go to goodwill and another huge bag for storage. Once the baskets were empty, I started filling them with toy baskets. I even had a whole drawer empty and ready for any little toy set that needs a home! 

Most of the toys Michael keeps in his room are things that are sets or have small pieces that need to stay together. We also keep games in here and it is nice we can keep them all together one space. He also now has room for his play tent and stroller parking in the bottom of his closet and well as his basket of puzzles that look messy on a shelf.

We also have some baby stuff stored way up on top in the closet- extra wipes, diapers and feeding supplies mostly.

Donation pile, plus 3 whole bags of trash (already outside)
The best news about his closet is that you can shut the doors and (in the words of Don Draper)- it will scare you how much this never happened. 

I am so excited that Michael's closet is now good storage for toys and his shelves are good places for all his books. It just feels so much nicer walking into his room- like a breath of fresh, organized air. 

Thanks for coming on my organization journey with me!


  1. You can never have too many books, especially kids books x

  2. There must be something in the air lately! I usually get the organization bug in January, but the last several weeks of summer have been all about selling stuff, trips to consignment stores and Goodwill, and in general living with less "stuff" - it's so refreshing! (Although I agree with the such thing as too many children's books!) :)

  3. Michael's room decoration/paint is cute! I'd love to see the whole thing sometime! I can't wait to be able to be able to clean Lu's closet. The problem being that we have so many awkward items like a bouncy seat, etc.


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