Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friends Summer Weekend: Saturday

Saturday morning we headed out for a round of mini golf. The guys had talked about going real golfing but this seemed really fun also and the kids could come along, too!  We checked out West Grand Golf in West Des Moines which I pretty much had no idea existed. It was a super cute mini golf course.

Michael did a great job hitting the ball around but the other boys were getting restless so we headed to my favorite local park to play: Jester Park! 

I haven't been since the flowers started blooming and wow- it so beautiful. I love it there. 

After we got home it was naptime for the littles and party prep time for me. On the menu were: 

Blueberry Mint Lemonade
Boulevard Wheat Keg (from Urbandale HyVee)
Fancy Hot Dogs and Brats (from Food Depot in Grimes)

I thought in attempts to keep things simple we would provide the dogs, brats, buns and drinks and everyone else could bring sides and desserts. It worked out well and we had a big spread of food. It was all delish! 


I really wanted to decorate with fresh flowers I had in the yard but nothing was blooming. However, I do have mint coming out of my ears so--voila! It looked pretty cute in a mason jar and smelled great too. 

I managed to snap a few photos throughout the night but not as many as I had hoped. Once again...I do have that baby problem so I apologize if you bring a super cute, chubby baby into my house. :o) 

I think people had a great time. It was beautiful outside, the beer was flowing and the food was plenty. We even had some catches out of our pond!

Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate a beautiful summer Friends Weekend! 

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