Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sunday the 29th was our 6 year wedding anniversary.

As with most major events and holidays that have happened this year, we just didn't really feel like celebrating. Things like that are hard when this is not really how you want your life to be and your whole family is not here to help you be happy. 
We have an annual tradition of thinking ahead to the future on our anniversaries but this year I think we are pretty content where we are. Getting through the days and weeks is hard enough....we'll get the years when they come to us.

To spentd thee all had a nice long afternoon nap and then Scott suggested we head down to Indianola to watch the balloons take off at the balloon rally. It was actually really perfect. We got there just in time to grab a quick dinner and then watch all the balloons launch.

 Michael had a great time. He liked how the air balloons went "up, up, up" and he called them "bayoons"...the Swedish version of balloon? It was a really fun evening.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Our 6th is on Sunday! Crazy. It looks like you still managed some fun, although I understand the conflicting emotions. :(

  2. Happy anniversary to you and your husband! Beautiful photos of your day in Indianola.

    We are celebrating our 5th anniversary on Saturday!

  3. Absolutely, I understand the conflicting feelings so well. It's hard to be happy when there's someone missing.

    Hope you had a wonderful anniversary despite all of this.


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