Friday, July 6, 2012


Happy Friday! 

It hardly seems like it can be the weekend already. Our fourth of July felt like a whole weekend in itself and we are still recovering from it--I guess I better get busy on all my chores before this weekend starts, huh? 

I've been trying to get up early and out in the yard at least one morning a week to fertilize plants and do general weed picking and plant trimming. It is so nice and I love the sense of peace it brings to my mornings. I wish it was so cool and quiet like that during the whole day! 

We kicked off our 4th of July weekend with boating with friends on Tuesday night and then with my brother and his fiance (for a few more weeks!) on Wednesday morning. Both days were excellent and the conditions were good. Scott was so proud of himself for getting up early and getting on the water by 7 a.m. and as we were pulling out around 10 is when it seemed like everyone was trying to put their boat in the water. It was a good way to start the day! Michael even jumped in the water both times and when we previously tried to get him to go in he screamed bloody murder and we felt like terrible parents! He has gotten so brave on the boat and good at wearing his life jacket- we are very proud of him.

 We ended the day in Boone with a BBQ at a friends house where there were 5 little 2 year olds for Michael to play with. He stayed and chilled in the sprinkler and watched Cars while Scott came with me to the municipal band concert. It was super hot but I think people enjoyed the patriotic music!  A good old fashioned fourth of July celebration was held and enjoyed. :o) 

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  1. Your little boy is just precious. He will surely be a heartbreaker with those beautiful blue eyes!

  2. I love the picture of running through the sprinkler. So sweet.

  3. love the pictures of you and Michael on the boat, Love to see you looking so happy.


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