Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Babies and Boats

We got a special treat last night of having a very special baby (and her parents, of course) come join us for our weekly boat ride! Isn't she just as cute as can be?

Heading out to the water was a great way to beat the heat and it felt nice to not get too chilly cruising back into the dock at 9pm. Michael is such a big guy on the boat these days and we are so proud of him. After each run he would shout, "Good job, mom!" or "Jump big, mom!" was so cute to have a cheerleader on board. I did not jump big through, by the way---holding on to the handle is about all I can do. 

Baby Sophia did a great job on the boat too and was very content just to snooze the evening away. Thanks for coming out with us, guys! 

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