Monday, July 30, 2012

Our weekend

This past week was RAGBRAI week, so I did my annual tradition of traipsing around the state to random places. Actually Scott only rode two days this year so it was pretty easy. I dropped him off in Cedar Rapids on Thursday night and then headed to his parents house for the night. I got to spend a few days with my niece and nephew and we did a little sightseeing along the way, too. 

We got up early on Friday morning and headed up to Cedar Rapids. Our first stop was at the Czech Cemetery where we visited Scott's grandparents' new marker. They were cremated and had their ashes spread, but I think it is still nice to have a place to visit. There are a few little family plots around and it was fun to hear the stories about all of them.

Our next stop was the Czech Village where we got delicious sandwiches (mine was on rye-yum!) at Sykora's Bakery. We also got a huge pile of kolaches to take home for breakfast the next morning...yummy. I think the folks at the bakery were still recovering from the two block long line out their door they had that morning from all the RAGBRAI riders! Scott texted me a picture of the kolaches he had that morning on the ride...I think he ended up with four of them! I'll have to share his pictures for instafriday this week. 

The cousins had a great time together and it is so much fun to see them with each other. Michael got into a bit of trouble because when he is around older kids sometimes he forgets that he is just a little guy and needs to listen to mommy but I'm sure these are growing pains any parent has. He just wants to be so independent but it is just not safe for him at times. 

We really wanted to visit the Czech museum but Michael was being way too wild and we couldn't fit the stroller in the car with all the bike gear so we decided to meet up with the bikers in Anamosa. It was a quick drive from Cedar Rapids and BEAUTIFUL scenery-- Grant Wood knew what he was doing when he painted the beauty of our state.

Anamosa wasn't too crazy and we found them right away. It is so fun to see all the bike and sag wagons rolling into town. It *almost* makes me want to ride next year....almost.

On Saturday I got to leave Michael with his grandma and I headed down to Keokuk for my friend Kelly's baby shower. It was so much fun and I had a great time- especially being able to catch up on hours worth of old Fresh Air podcasts. Kelly is due in September and I could not be happier for her. A new baby is just the best, best, best thing in the whole world.

I guess that is my weekend in a nutshell....happy Monday! :o)

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