Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ordinary Days

We are trying to have some ordinary days around here to get back into our routine. I finally went into school to do a few things and meet with my new administration and now it feels like things are really happening too fast. I don't want summer to be over yet, even though I know deep down that there is still really plenty of summer for us. Maybe I will make a bucket list of things we still need to accomplish?

Michael said he wanted pancakes for lunch. So I said, "okay!". We had just enough mix to make four little pancakes- two for today and two for tomorrow. I think its okay to have pancakes for lunch every now and then, right? I had zucchini, because it is coming out of my ears!! Good think I like it because this all zucchini diet is really working wonders. Kidding on that one. :o) 

I wish I could just soak these days up like a sponge or put them in a jar and seal them up forever. I know they are fleeting and that is the hardest part.


  1. If you have tons of zucchini you have to make the cake that I just posted on my blog! Super delicious. I am going to make some cupcakes using the same recipe for our "Olympic Party" that we are hosting on Saturday.

  2. Don't worry- you have plenty of summer left! I know what you mean though about bottling up these days to take out again someday down the road-- the days when our children are young are all too fleeting and it doesn't seem like words and pictures do them justice when you try to recall them. You do a pretty good job of it, but nothing captures the magic of childhood and the joy young children bring like actually being there and living it! My husband and I were running through the sprinklers with Maddox a few days ago and I didn't even try to get my camera-- I knew that the camera really couldn't capture the moment and I wished I could just figure out a way to make it last forever!


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