Friday, July 27, 2012


Playing at Jester Park   |   Car time 
Story time fun!   |   More story time with BFF Grace

Testing beers at Boone Valley Breweing Co.   |    They are good!
Home made mojitos with mint from the garden for friends weekend  |    zumba time!

Early morning water    |   ready to visit the mosque as part of my Bosnian studies class
Field trip on a school bus...took it to all Bosnian places in DSM    |    I love mums! (for the wedding rehearsal)

Getting ready for the big wedding day!   |    So cute!!
Pretty Hydrangeas outside the Y   |   Double the cuteness!!

1 comment:

  1. Boone Valley Brewing Co - is that a new place? As a lover of a quality Iowa beer, I've never heard of the place.

    Dang, Rose - your posts are really making me need to plan a trip to Central Iowa to visit a few places!!


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