Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rieman Gardens

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we recently attended a grief seminar put on by the Iowa SIDS foundation. It was a last minute invite but I'm so glad we decided to take advantage of it. It was a good event because it was family oriented with childcare available and also it was hosted at Rieman Gardens in Ames which is a beautiful setting. I haven't been there in over five years for sure and it was so much fun to go back and see all the beautiful plants. It was a good release after an intense two hour grief seminar--no doubt!!

My mother in law Margie was also here to care for Michael while I was taking a class and she tagged along also. I had heard her mention it several times when we drove past so I'm glad I could take her (for free!). She seemed to really enjoy herself also. 

It was, of course, another 100 degree heat index day and we were all pretty sweaty. I feel like someday we are going to say to our friends and kids, "Remember the summer of 2012?? The one with all the 100 degree days? That was a doozy!" Just for the record, we are up to 7 days that have been in the triple digits although there have been many more that have felt just as hot. I enjoyed the green oasis the gardens provided--it is a treat when even our lawn that gets watered every day is looking really patchy!!

Michael had a great time running along the paths and I hope we can get back there sometime when the butterfly center is open. It was a nice to spend with family and reflect on all the beauty God has created.

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  1. How were all of the lego structures? Nic and I have been talking about making the trek to Ames to see them....


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