Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our July so far....

"Hey, where's my coffee??"

Friends, we are totally beat from a busy week and holiday. I am breaking code today by not sharing my 4th of July pictures until tomorrow- I know, gasp!. :o) They are mostly instagrams so I want to wait to link up with instafriday which I've been having lots of fun doing lately.

We've been riding the heat wave pretty well here with lots of time spent at the pool and playing in our water hose at home. We visited our favorite wading pool a few weeks ago for playgroup and it makes a good morning excursion to burn off some energy before the sun gets too hot so we've been back a few times since. Michael always has a blast.

Kids always bring toys to play with but I have not yet assembled a cache of cheap toys I'd be willing to use so poor Michael got a stack of Solo cups that were sitting on my counter. He had fun anyway and was pretending to "feed the pigs" and "pour hot coffee". I think he has a promising future as a barista/hog farmer????

In other news....

...this is what happens when I try to take a beautiful picture of my flowers. Michael said it was a "pretty flower!" and "I smell it!". He just makes me smile! 

I hope you are all recovering from your holiday as well!


  1. Cups are actually a great idea to bring to the pool-- I get so upset when kids take Maddox's toys and don't give them back, and it seems to happen every single time! This would avoid that problem and it doesn't seem like Michael is feeling slighted in the least! :)


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