Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Puppy dogs and firetrucks

Michael has been so active lately! He is so much fun to watch as he scoots around and plays. I love how his little smile lights up his whole face and it makes me smile too. Why is it that babies can only smile with their whole face? How do we lose that ability as adults?

Anyway, enough with the philosophical thinking! Isn't Michael's little
tshirt so cute? Scott's mom made it for him with the same material she used for his spring coat lining. It took me a while to noticed why she picked it: because of the little dalmatian puppies! (also, can you see the dalmatian in this post- Michael is wearing another t shirt Scott's mom got him!) Scott's family had dalmatians for a long time and I think they always have had a special place in her heart. Their family dalmatian even saved them from a house fire when Scott was in middle school and their smoke detectors didn't go off! Imagine that!

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