Friday, May 28, 2010

Landscaping project 2010 pt. 2

After we had our plan in place for the two areas we wanted to landscape, it was time to go to work.

Scott rented a sod cutter and a tiller and we enlisted the help of his parents for the weekend, mostly because they have a big truck we could use.

Scott and his dad cut the sod in the areas we laid out to be landscaped. Not knowing such a thing even existed before this project, I was very impressed with the sod cutter. It did a great job!

After the sod was cut we had to pick up all the pieces and load them in the truck. Sod is heavy! We just composted it, but in hindsight we should have sold it on craigslist!

The machine did in 30 minutes what it would have taken us days to do with a shovel!

Goodbye grass, hello plants! (which I am still working on...stay tuned!)

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