Monday, May 3, 2010


I spent part of yesterday splitting and moving some perennials from my retaining wall area. After I got inside I took a look at some photos from last summer to remind myself why I needed to do this!

I really like the Russian Sage, Rudbeckia and purple cone flowers on the other part of this garden, but the end is just kind of a jimble jamble of random things I planted there to fill in the space.

Yesterday I split the cat mint into three and moved it down by the fire pit- wow, that was a chore. That dang thing was so hard to split that I will be surprised if it actually grows after the beating I gave it!

The day lilies and coreopsis are kind of random-I will have to move them down by the fire pit too. The day lilies have really grown since last summer, at least twice as big. Maybe I will split them too? I already have tons of day lilies so I'm not sure. I'm not really a big fan of the coreopsis because it is the kind that looks like a bush, not the pretty moonlight kind. So....not sure what I will do with that one either!

Quart Perennials are on sale this week at both Home Depot and Menards for $2 each. I bought six little dwarf coreopsis and blanket flowers on Saturday for some filler so I will have to stop by and see what they have today. I would love to continue my prairie look in the retaining walls with purple cone flowers and rudbeckia. We'll see what turns out...usually my carefully laid plans go to pot after I get outside and start digging around!

Thoughts? Opinions? Are you doing any gardening this spring?

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