Monday, May 24, 2010

Nursery Updates

Remember Michael's nursery?

I've made a few updates and I thought I would share!

I found these wall rub on thingies at a gift shop way back in October or November when Michael was just a teeny baby and finally got them up. Isn't it funny how time flies?

Our friend Brandy also made us this super sweet print as a gift for Michael and I also put it up. How great is that? Don't you think she should go into business selling these?

On a side note, she also celebrated a big birthday this past weekend and it was at the ZOO! We had a great time!

It was quite the process to get it on the wall. First I used those little 3M velcro wall hanging strips, but they didn't hold the photo. So I tried to put more of them on the frame and hang it, but they still didn't hold it. I finally just had to put a tiny nail in the wall and go with it! We had a strict anti-nails in the wall policy at our house so shh... don't tell Scott!


  1. The decals look great!! I love the picture your friend made, it is great, and yes, she could sell them :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment! I LOVE your nursery design and your son is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! I'm a sucker for those blue eyes:)

  3. I love the new nursery improvements, especially the initials! I am thinking of doing something similar for Jillian's nursery. I found someone on Etsy that does decals. I really like the letters hanging over the crib but it's hard to justify putting a ton of holes in her wall. I hope you are having a nice holiday weekend!



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