Tuesday, May 18, 2010

About Me

I just joined a new blog group called D-listed blogs and it is a little community of mom and family bloggers. We are doing a meet up and I wanted to put a little introduction of myself out there for you all!

I'm Rose: a 27 year old wife, mother, teacher and homemaker. I've been married to my lovely husband Scott for almost four years-our anniversary is in July and yes we did get married on the hottest day of the year; it was over 100 degrees on our wedding day!

Last October we welcomed our little boy Michael into our family and he is a great joy for us. I've been teaching beginning band full time for the past four years but this year I am working two days a week and it gives me lots of time to hang out with the baby and keep the house in good shape.

I originally started this blog as a record of my home and the things I do to fill my time but it has morphed into sort of a family scrapbook of sorts. My grand plan is to have the entries made into books to chronicle our day to day lives. Even just looking back at entries from a year ago, I am amazed at how those old posts take me back in time!

I love to blog about my son, family, gardening, crafts, and just my life in general!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You are gorgeous and I love that pic of you holding your son :) Beautiful!

    New follower from the blog party! :) Hope you stop by!


  2. Stopping by from the D-Listed Blog Hop! You looked beautiful on your wedding, and I love that photo of your tiny Michael.

    Oh, and my youngest's middle name is Rose.


  3. Hello! new follower from the good old hoopty D List party! I LOVE the pictures you have on here! Your little man is such a doll! little babby fat and smiles...ah, melts my heart as a fellow momma of a wee man. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My hubby and I also got married in the hottest month ever July. Your lil guy is adorable.

    BTW, Iowa is our 2nd home. We almost moved there but then we found out we were preggos and we couldnt take him away from our family.

  5. I am officially in love with your family! Your son is ADORABLE and I love the pic from your wedding day---so precious!

    Thanks so much for partying with me!

  6. Stopping by from the D-list! Your pictures are beautiful!

  7. Oh so pretty, I'm a former teacher and now stay home with my daughter and also watch another baby her age...it's like twins but he's not mine! Glad to meet you!

  8. I love your photos! I also use my site to be made into a book!! Your son is darling!!

  9. Hi Rose, I am so thrilled that you joined the D-List! I have always loved your blog. You have an amazing home and always take such beautiful pictures of it. And of course your son is a cutie!!! Have a great day!


  10. Gorgeous family! Such great pictures! Thanks for joining the party!!


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