Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sick Day

Michael and I are sick. This is the third day we have both been feeling under the weather and I suspect it has something to do with the horrible sleeping we were doing while staying in a hotel over the weekend. I had a headache that lasted the whole trip due to lack of sleep but luckily got better with an obscene amount of coffee. Funny how that makes everything better, isn't it?

I stayed home from school yesterday and Michael stayed home from daycare and we had a good time snuggling and playing together. He has been sleeping a ton which is a big sign he is not feeling well! He even fell asleep when he was nursing while I watched TV...that hasn't happened in a long time! It is so nice holding a sleeping sweet baby and knowing that he still needs his mommy even though he thinks he is a pretty big boy sometimes!

At any rate, it would be much easier being sick if Michael didn't startle and start crying every time I blew my nose! It makes me feel a little self conscious about my loud nose-blowing!

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