Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garage Sale: Love/Hate Relationship

Last summer I really got hooked on garage sale-ing. I think it was because I was off in the summer and didn't have a little one to look after so I could get up early and get the good deals. I got lots of nice baby things for good prices.

So this summer I've gone to a couple of sale almost every weekend. It really started out badly because I hit up a great sale right by my house on the way to school. I was the only one there right when it opened and I bought almost her whole table of really cute boy clothes in the right size and season for Michael. I was hooked! I mean, how often does that happen? It was a perfect sale. Now every sale I go to, I have to compare it to that one. Ugh! It is so frustrating.

I got a few cute things a couple of sales during a city-wide garage sale. But I only got good things if I got there right when it opened before anyone else. It makes me feel like a complete lunatic.

There was a sale starting in the afternoon a few weekends ago. It started at four, and on a Wednesday. It was weird. I showed up an hour early, and almost all the good stuff was already gone like all the little tykes play things and clothes. It was so bizarre.

So anyway, now my new rules of garage sale-ing are:

1. Only go early if I am actually up early
2. Only sales that are within a reasonable driving distance of my house (no wasting gas cruising all over the place)
3. Only buy what I need.

So there you have it! Anyone else have good garage sale tips? I will let you know if I get some good deals! (or if I go crazy in the process!)

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