Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smokey Row's Sing a long

Smokey Row is a cool coffee shop in downtown Des Moines. Every once in a while they have these sing a longs for kids at 10 in the morning but usually they are on the days I work. It just so happens that their latest one was on a day I had off (Cinco de Mayo actually as mentioned in this previous post) so we made a trip downtown to do some singing and drink some coffee (not Michael of course, he doesn't drink coffee yet!).

We got there early, but we were still too late to get a seat in the little room they were in. However, we found a table just outside and had a good time anyway. They played lots of songs from the Jack Johnson and friends Curious George album which is my favorite along with some other kid standards. Of course, I also got to enjoy a nice big coffee and a treat while we were out! Yum!

How big does Michael look sitting up like a big boy?

We had a great time and will hopefully be back again! Coffee+ music+ kids always equals a good time in my book!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect morning ... coffee, baby, and a little guitar strumming@


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