Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Saturday we braved this: take a day trip home to northwest Iowa to see my family and help celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday. How ridiculous is that snow? I feel like as soon as we left central Iowa, it was so snowy! At one point we had to wait while the huge road snow blower went through and carved out a path for us. We probably didn't take the best route on the way there but still it was an adventure!

Michael was so excited to meet his great grandma for the first time! This is her first great grandson, so she was excited to meet him too! I thought grandma looked great, and I was glad we made the trip back home to see her.

Grandpa also had a great time showing off his grandson to everyone!

Before we headed out of town, we stopped to see my friend Brianne and her daughter Kadence. We've been friends forever and it was nice to see her and see how big her daughter has gotten. Kadence was born just a few weeks before Michael and it is fun to see how similiar they are! It makes me sad sometimes we don't live back home; how fun would it be for our kids to be in the same class just like we were??

It was so nice being at home that I wish we would have stayed longer, but I played with the orchestra at the 8 a.m. service on Sunday so I wanted to get back to our house.

All things considered, Michael did very well during his first long car trip. He only had one meltdown on the way home and as soon as we stopped to nurse, he was fine for the rest of the trip. It is nice that he likes to "play" and can be easily distracted by toys with lights and music!

I'm glad it is only a few hours to my hometown; when I was growing up we had to drive all the way across the state to get to my grandparents. It was an all day ride in the car and those Hardees we took pit stops at across Iowa are icons of my childhood. However, I am glad we made so many trips there-they are special memories to me and hopefully Michael will have them same ones of visiting his grandparents, no matter how near or far they are!


  1. Wow... I couldnt deal with that much snow!

  2. Your telling me I live in Iowa it sucks.

  3. And Lance and I make the trip homeward bound again this weekend. This time we visit Lance's family. Let's hope the "heat" holds out!


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