Monday, January 18, 2010

Michael is 3 Months!

Happy 1/4 Birthday, Michael!

Your little personality is really shining through. You are a very happy baby and you love looking at people's faces and giving them a big smile along with a long "story".

As demonstrated in the above photos, you love to chew on your hands and fingers!

You are becoming more aware of the world around you and as long as there is something exciting going on to watch, you are a happy baby! Your increasing awareness has also attributed to your distraction during feeding times and you don't want to sit down to eat if there are other interesting things going on!

I am amazed at how your little hands that used to be curled in tight little fists are now open and ready to explore everything! You are starting to grab things and are getting stronger every day.

You have very happy feet and love to kick your legs. We need to get you a jumpy seat soon!

We had Michael's photos taken at Portrait Innovations. We were in and out with prints in hand in an hour. I think they turned out pretty cute!


  1. Happy 3 months!!! His pictures look great... I highly recommend the Jumperoo. We got ours when Riley was 4 months old and she's used it pretty much every day since. LOVE IT!!!

  2. B has a FP precious planet jumperoo and LOVES it. I can't believe how much M's personality shows through on his pictures.


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