Wednesday, January 20, 2010


20 days after the new year is not too late to post about our New Years Eve, right??

We had a great time and I have been meaning to post about it, but other things kept getting in the way, like the whole going back to work/daycare/bottle thing.

We hosted our friends and had our first party in the basement. We watched the ISU football team beat Minnesota in the Insight Bowl and then had a great time. We all managed to stay up until midnight with minimal yawns! (except for Michael of course....he slept the WHOLE night and missed out on everything-which was fine with me!)

Nate and Kylie joined us on their way back from their vacation in Branson and brought us chocolate from the Russell Stover store! Yum! We enjoyed games of spoons and Egyptian ratscrew.


What card is it going to be??

(and check out that shiny countertop-wowzers!)

Just a small sampling of the tons of food we had. We were stuffed!

The ping pong table was sooo fun, although Scott and I need to get some practicing in so we can school our guests when they come over! :o)

Some of our friends were surprisingly good at the sport and our tree didn't get too damaged in the chaos!

Everyone stayed over and the next morning we had a great breakfast...and we heard the report that only one person threw up in our new bathroom! :o) It was funny because seriously we are not really that big of party-ers...but we did have a good time! (My friend Joni brought over an extra large bottle of wine she knew I liked...just because she thought I might need it!)

Michael was up and in full force at breakfast, and was enjoying his conversation with Susie!

We had such a great time and loved seeing everyone. We will have to think of an excuse to do it again soon! :o)

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