Thursday, January 21, 2010

ICE (and Weekend Recap)


It's been an ice storm across the whole state for the past two days. The good news is that today is another snow day! Yesterday was one too, but it was my normal day off. So today I get one too!

It started raining at about 3 a.m. on Tuesday night (I know this because I was awake then!) and then it froze Wednesday morning. It got pretty warm yesterday and lots of it melted off, but then it refroze again overnight. I'm so happy we are all safe and warm at home! The last time we had ice, we lost power for a couple of days so we've had our furnace cranked just in case. So far, so good!

As I mentioned in the previous post, we were in Muscatine for the weekend. Scott was trying to help his mom install Windows 7 on her computer and get everything updated. It was a nice excuse to visit them for the weekend. Michael got to spend lots of time with his grandparents!

We had a really great car ride there and back thanks to the new development of Michael taking a bottle. He was even doing so well that we stopped in Iowa City and had dinner at Chili's! Scott hasn't taken me out for dinner in a long time!

It was a very relaxing weekend. There wasn't a TV in the bedroom I was nursing in, so I got a chance to start on a book mom gave me when M was first born. Maybe I should stop watching TV? Imagine all the great stuff I would get done!

Scott's parents recently moved out to the country into this big old house (over 100 years old). It was an orphanage at one time. How cool is that?

They have done lots of work to it and I would have fun making it all country and shabby chic. Their property has lots of out buildings including a chicken coop. If I lived there I would totally be like Martha and raise all those crazy types of chickens.

On our way home we stopped in Williamsburg at the outlet mall to see what deals we could get at the Carter's outlet. We got three outfits for $25! This one was super cute and fits well. Can you believe this little guy is wearing 9 month clothes pretty consistently?

We got home to Scampy who had found a new bed in my Christmas wreaths. How cozy does he look?

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