Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That felt good!

Today was the first day in while that I was home and had the day to myself. Let me tell you--it felt great! I actually got things done and got to have Michael to myself!

This past weekend we were at Scott's parents and so it was busy from Friday-Sunday with getting everything ready to travel, traveling, and just being out of our routine. On Monday I had an
inservice at school so my mom came on Sunday night to watch Michael during my meetings. I was so glad she could come because after the rough start to daycare, I didn't want to leave him with a new stranger. I think they both had a really great time! Tuesday was a morning of meetings on top of my normal teaching day so I was out of the house early while Scott got Michael ready and dropped him off at daycare.

So today...I was pretty tired! Mom got my off to a good start by leaving my house very clean (thanks mom!) and so I did a couple loads of laundry today and finished taking down the rest of my Christmas decorations, which was followed by an hour long intense
vacuuming session thanks to all of my super dried out greenery. Michael had a great day playing and took a couple good naps. I told myself I would read a couple pages of my book while he slept, but I ended up snoozing for two hours with him! I guess I needed it!

Michael likes his new toy hanging bar that my mom hooked up for him.

Those hands are always in his mouth!

How is everyone out there doing? Surviving this crazy January? Got your holiday decorations down yet?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Michael is so adorable, he's EDIBLE!
    2. Doing well, 33.5 weeks pregnant and getting uncomfortable!
    3. January is FLYING by!
    4. I love the pictures of the ice storm. SO PRETTY!
    5. Glad Michael is taking the bottle easier now! :)


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